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Car lease vs buy – Which is better for you?

There never is a perfect answer for anything in life. The car lease vs buy conversation is certainly no different.

Many debates come to mind in my head regarding this topic. It’s a numbers game and one about paying off a car and “driving it into the ground” or always have a payment. But in my experience there is always a monthly cost to having a car. If that car is paid off chances are you are putting money into it for maintenance. Many times often and at high costs.

That’s where I am now with my car and doing some research on keeping my car, trading it in, buying or leasing.

There is also a certain feeling with the car you drive. How much is that worth to you? Or the peace of mind not having to worry about added maintenance of a huge service bill? That number is different for everyone and that is what we all need to figure out. The added piece to that is just when you think you have that number, it will change. Maybe it makes sense to lease this time but buy next depending on what stage of life you are in.

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