Cholesterol to HDL ratio

Do I really need to go to the Dr. every year?

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How often should you go see your doctor if you are a “maturing” dad? For me, I hate to admit it even but I recently went for an physical check-up for the first time in many years.

I think it’s super important to stay on top of your health and to be proactive about it. So I finally made an appointment and went in. A big part of it is baseline blood work. Are you monitoring your cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

In this episode I share my numbers and compare them to 2012 when I did a 3 week nutrition reset. Food definitely makes a difference.

From non healthy-ish years for me to off track again. The ratio of cholesterol to HDL.

And numbers over the years. Notice the big dip in 2012. That is the 3 week reset that I was discussing on this episode. Time for new goals!

Are you going in annually and staying on top of things with your health? Listen in to today’s episode for a bit more on this topic.

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